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Why You Should Get Your AC Repaired Before Summer?

air conditioning repair in Aurora, IL

Get Your AC Fixed in winter to be Summer Ready

Now, as the winter is making way for spring across the U.S, fixing your air conditioner is something you need to think about. Remember, if you wait too long, the smaller issues may snowball into a critical problem.

In some of the U.S cities like Aurora in Illinois where the winter stays for a longer period, people first need to keep the winter chill at bay, and then get their AC servicing done to get ready for spring and summer.

It’s ideal for you to consult an HVAC contractor for air conditioning repair in Aurora, IL towards the end of the winter to keep it in perfect shape.

air conditioning repair in Aurora IL

What You Need to Do

You have two options, contact a professional HVAC technician to visit your place and fix your AC for a reasonable fee, or wait for a problem to culminate and you end up paying a significant amount as repair damage costs. Proper maintenance from time to time ensures your AC works perfectly over a long period.

Just like cars, air conditioners also need regular tune-ups for smooth functioning. Without maintenance, an AC unit loses nearly 5 percent of its original efficiency annually. Frequent tune-ups can also help you save on your monthly electricity bills and reduce the cost of repair.

This is the right time for you to get your AC unit fixed for summer comforts. During the peak summer, air conditioner repair services get costlier, and also the waiting periods get longer after placing the service request. For air conditioning repair in Aurora, IL it’s better to contact an HVAC contractor now to save money and hassles in the future.

Key Aspects of AC Servicing and Repair

When you consult an HVAC contractor, a technician comes in and checks the key components of your AC unit including oiling the fan motors, checking the amp draw of the AC compressor, cleaning unit coils, and checking the system operating pressures. In addition, it is also important to check your AC’s temperature according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

The most important thing is, however, to check the unit’s coolant level, which is known as “Freon.” If AC’s coolant is low, it is important to add more coolant levels. The ‘Air Conditioning Contractors of America’ (ACCA) suggest homeowners get the coolant levels checked every year.

Closing Words

During the spring season, companies come up with service offers at competitive pricing. Grab an offer from a reputable contractor to beat the heat of the upcoming summer. Air conditioner repair does not always have to be expensive. It all depends on your timely action. Even if you experience even a small leak, don’t ignore it.

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