An unmanaged furnace is at high risk of getting damaged. A neglected heating unit can crash any time without any prior warning. Sitting in a cold home and waiting for a heating expert to come and figure out the issue is a pretty uncomfortable situation. 

There could be various reasons behind the breakdown of a heating unit. For example, the defective component of the furnace, dirty air filter, vents, damaged wiring of the house, etc. These all reasons will lead to insufficient heating of your home. 

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To avoid these situations, you should find a trustworthy HVAC contractor in Naperville and Aurora and let the experts handle the matter. It is also crucial to search for the best heating and cooling installation, where you can get excellent quality services at affordable prices. 

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Amazing Air Inc. is located in the heart of Aurora and provides our services in the wide surrounding areas. Our team works 365 days to provide comfort and safety to the customers. We are your one-stop solution for every type of heating and cooling issue. We do not believe in an advertisement. For us, our customer review is our reward. Our team makes you feel like family by listening to your requirements and budget. Our goal is to provide you with quality as well as quick HVAC solutions.

What all Services Do We Offer?​

aIf you are looking for a better air conditioner and furnace repair in Naperville IL, contact Amazing Air Inc. Here you will get an instant appointment for a wide range of HVAC services, such as

• Furnace:

You will get maintenance, replacement, and repair services, and furnace installation in Aurora IL.

• Air Conditioner:

If you need emergency air conditioner repair, AC installation, replacement, and energy efficiency services, contact us.

• Boiler:

We provide the best quality boiler installation, tune-ups, and inspections, at affordable prices.

• Water Heater:

We are the perfect heating repair in Aurora for war heater services, repair, replacement, and tune-ups. Also, tankless water heater facilities are available.

• Ductless:

We provide the entire range of both ductless air conditioning and heating services, all under a single umbrella.

• Indoor Air Quality:

 For whole house purification, air purifier installation, air filter installation, UV light installation, UV light replacement, dehumidifier, and humidifier, call us now and get the deal at an exciting price.

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If you are looking for a price-friendly air conditioner and furnace repair in Aurora IL, plan a meeting with our HVAC experts. Here you will get all the heating and cooling services in Aurora and the surrounding areas with some discount coupons. Also, our team includes skilled technicians with 100 percent excellence in their field.                            

The executive team of Amazing Air Inc. is available 24/7 to ensure that you do not face any trouble or discomfort. Our team is always open for your call at 630-859-8800 or 630-833-4000 in an HVAC emergency. You can also forward an email to [email protected] to arrange an HVAC service. Visit our office at 6 S Lincolnway St, North Aurora IL 60542, to get more information about our products and offers. 

Furnace repair in Naperville IL

Heating systems are usually exposed to one of the most devastating elements on the planet – fire. Furnaces normally burn fuel at high temperatures, so all the components that are exposed to the heat can easily break down. Heaters also have moving parts, such as the fan assembly and motor. These parts are often exposed to a lot of friction, so they wear out fast with time. If the furnace is not properly maintained, the heater can break down without any warning. At the first sign of an issue, it’s best to contact Amazing Air one of the best HVAC contractors in Naperville to schedule your furnace replacement Aurora IL work right away.

Furnace Repair in Aurora, Villa Park, IL, And The Surrounding Areas

Highly Qualified Technicians

At Amazing Air Inc., we have highly qualified technicians who can do their magic to keep your unit working properly. We offer everything from heating system design and maintenance to furnace repair and replacement service.

Common Heating Problems

There are basically two types of indoor heating – central air heating and hydronic heating. The latter uses water as the heat-carrying medium, so it depends on an elaborate plumbing network. Therefore, a common problem with this type of system is water leakage. This can cause water damage as well as reduce the efficiency of the system. Central air systems, on the other hand, use air as the heat-transfer medium. The system relies on duct-work for transportation of air to and from the heater. Air leaks and heat loss through conduction across the wall are common problems.

Expert Furnace Repair Specialists

In a central air heating system, the fan motor can fail to work. The fan belt can also lose its tension, which means that it will not be able to turn the fan. The burner can also burn fuel with an unstable yellow flame, instead of a blue stable flame, which is a sign of incomplete combustion. Whatever problem you encounter, we have NATE-certified technicians who can troubleshoot the problem and carry out the necessary repairs. We have highly-qualified furnace repair specialists who can take care of any type of problem. Whatever problem you may encounter, we are always available 24/7 to offer an effective solution.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Servicing the furnace ensures that your HVAC system operates as effectively as possible. During your technician's appointment, they will inspect and clean the components of your HVAC system. Thoroughly inspecting and cleaning the furnace's components will improve its performance.

A general rule of thumb for furnace repair in Aurora is that as long as the necessary repairs cost less than one-third of the price of a new heating system and your furnace is still within the first half of its lifespan, the repair is probably your best option. Even if you observe a decrease in heating efficiency, there are other options you can consider before replacing your furnace.

Repairs might not always be able to get your heating system back to a functional state. The typical lifespan of a furnace is 15 to 20 years; beyond that, the heating system will start to break down more regularly. No matter how old your furnace is, if you've been calling your HVAC service company too often for maintenance, it might be time to replace it.

Here are a few warning signs that your furnace may be on its last legs:

  • The furnace is on, yet there is no heat.
  • Strange sounds
  • Increased electric or gas bill
  • Ventilation dust

Here are the top causes of furnace failure:

  • Unclean ductwork
  • Old filters
  • Defective startup system
  • Damaged blower parts
  • Adequate heat exchanger
  • A poor limit switch
  • Circuit breaker trip
  • Unusual sounds
  • Smells or leaks of gas

Find out what's wrong with your furnace before calling for furnace repair in Aurora by using these simple troubleshooting steps.

  • Are there obstructed heat registers? Hot air can readily be prevented from moving by cabinets, bulky furniture, stray boxes, and other obstructions.
  • Is the heat on at the thermostat? The thermostat may occasionally be prevented from starting the furnace by a dead or low battery.
  • Do you have a clean air filter? Filters that are dirty and blocked might prevent the free passage of air from the furnace via the ductwork.
  • Has the circuit breaker been tripped? The furnace cannot operate if the circuit is damaged for any reason.