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The average home uses thousands and thousands of gallons of hot water per year. This water is used to wash clothes, dishwashing, bathing, and wash hands among other things. This makes the hot water heater in a home one of the most important appliances to have. While you may want to have hot water heaters in your home at all times, you also do not want to have exaggerated energy bills due to water heating. The solution is to have an Energy Star-rated water heater installed in your home to replace the obsolete unit in your home. If you are looking for an effective and reliable heating replacement  in Naperville and water heater installation service, you can count on Amazing Air, Inc, to meet your high expectations.

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Amazing Air, Inc, is a full-service home comfort company offering a wide range of services, including; heating and cooling services among others. We offer everything from design and installation to maintenance and repair of HVAC systems. Since 1979, we have been serving the entire Fox Valley market. Our phone lines and doors are always open 24/7. We also offer emergency services to all our clients in all areas. All you need to do is call us at any time to schedule an appointment.


Water Heater Installation Service And Repair

There are two options for water heaters. The first is the traditional water heater with a tank that is large enough to supply enough water to meet your hot water needs at home. The second option is to get a state-of-the-art tankless water heater that heats water instantly on demand. This will not only reduce your water consumption but also lower your energy bill. Furthermore, you can be assured of getting hot water instantly, instead of waiting for a tankful of water to get heated. When you need water heater installation and repair services, you can count on our team to supply and install the equipment you need.


Tips For Using Less Water

  • Run your washing machine with only full loads and always rinse with cold water
  • If you need to buy a new washing machine choose a front-loading washer. They can use around 40% less water and 50% less energy per load
  • Use an electric razor. Shaving with an electric razor requires less energy when compared to the energy required to heat your water. Furthermore, you will use waste less water. Think of how much water you use in a year from shaving alone!
  • Only turn on your dishwasher for full loads of dishes and check to see if your dishwasher has an energy saver cycle

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