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When Should Your HVAC System Be Repaired or Replaced?

Every household in this day and age has an HVAC appliance. Like most appliances, HVAC systems are highly susceptible to wear and tear. As a homeowner it might be challenging to determine whether or not to repair or replace your HVAC unit. Amazing Air is here to help if you’ve ever wondered whether it would be better to fix something or get a new one. 

We’ve compiled seven things to consider before selecting whether to replace or fix your heating system. If you need HVAC repair in Naperville, trust Amazing Air Inc. for your requirements.

How to determine whether to replace or repair your HVAC system?

Age of furnace

If the furnace is getting older, it’s probably time to get a new one. Contact one of our HVAC contractors in Naperville to check on your furnace regularly, you can extend its life from 15 to 20 years. However, no matter how well you maintain your heating system, its performance will eventually decline. In this case, a replacement is required after that.

Poor thermostat function

Do you feel some rooms are cold while others are hot? Do you routinely adjust the thermostat in your house to get a more comfortable environment? That means your heating system isn’t doing a good enough job distributing air throughout the home to keep you comfortable. You can contact our HVAC expert for repairs.

Constantly increasing utility costs

Your energy costs may rise as your oil or natural gas furnace ages because it must work harder to produce the same heat. An initial step is to compare your most recent heating bill with previous years to see how much money you’ve saved. A heating system replacement may be necessary if the difference is significant. So contact our expert technicians for the furnace replacement in Aurora, IL.

The pilot flame is yellow

Any heating system poses a risk due to the emission of carbon monoxide. There may not be as much of a safety problem for those that use natural gas and older oil-fired furnaces with chimney venting.
The heating system needs to be serviced and cleaned yearly by a professional.


If you buy a new gas furnace or heat pump instead of fixing your old one, you may be eligible for a refund. The return on investment from fixing your furnace won’t be on par with this one because you haven’t made any investments in your property yet. All you’ve to do is make it, so your furnace lasts longer before it needs to be replaced again. So you can contact us for the furnace installation in Aurora, IL.

Dry or dusty air

Many older furnaces lack the technology necessary to clean the air in your home and provide moisture. Your home’s atmosphere smells and feels stuffy. These may appear as minor problems, but they indicate that your furnace is too old to deliver the desired level of comfort for you and your family and needs replacement.


It would be best to replace an outdated heater because it may cause you to spend excessive money on utility bills. You may put all your monthly energy bill payments on a new furnace that is more cost-effective, uses less energy overall, and has better functionality.


If you require heating repair in Aurora, ILAmazing Air Inc. is ready to help with all your heating service requirements. Contact us or drop us an email to schedule meetings with our experts.