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Six Most Common AC Problems

Waking up at night and realizing that your AC is not functioning correctly is an ordeal that one cannot rectify overnight. Therefore, it’s often recommended to consider your home’s HVAC appliances before they create a mess during usage time.

If you are one of those looking out for your air conditioning repair in Naperville, a city with an average of 189 days of summer in the US.

Not just AC, any HVAC appliance that requires maintenance should be checked frequently to eliminate last-minute hustle beforehand.

Six Most Common AC Problems Observed

Leaking Water

Water leakage from air conditioners is a sign of immediate maintenance. This occurs either due to clogging up of fungi or algae, causing water to revert into the pipe to your home, or breakage of the condensate pump.

Uneven Temperature Distribution

Is the uneven temperature distribution making you feel cold in one corner of the room but warmer in the other? This is due to the misplacement of HVAC appliances. AC installations are not a DIY process; therefore, care must be taken to install the same under the proper supervision of AC contractors in Naperville.

Strange Noises From AC

The noise let out from air conditioners is not for just one reason. Air conditioners make different noises depending upon their trouble. Some of the strange noises let out from the Air Conditioners are:

  • Refrigerant leak leading to hissing noise.
  • Any situation with the motor or blowers might lead to rattling, thumping, or banging sounds.
  • A Buzzing noise due to any fault in electrical components.
  • A problem in the relay leads to a clicking noise while turning the AC ON and OFF.

Bad Smell

Are you someone who does not use the AC very frequently? Then turning on the AC after a dormant period might result in a foul smell of rotten eggs and mold growth. Sometimes there might also be indications of a fire-like smell due to the burning of any electrical components inside the AC, quite commonly observed due to faulty electrical set-up.

AC not Working

A sudden shut-down of the AC without any prior warning is another common issue that can sometimes be fixed before taking expert knowledge. This can be done by checking the thermostat batteries, changing them in case they are dead, and resetting the circuit breakers in case the former does not work.

Capacitor Failure

Because capacitors are known to provide an initial start for the functioning of AC, any trouble observed in the capacitor can lead to an abrupt on and off of AC, leading to Capacitor Failure.

Also, frequent electrical fluctuations are responsible for a capacitor’s failure to respond efficiently.


In case of any repair or maintenance of HVAC appliances, especially AC, do not forget to reach out to the best service providers in the city for HVAC and AC repair in Naperville by contacting us at (630) 859-8800 to schedule your appointment on the spot. Of course, booking an appointment is always better, so contact us and book one today!