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Prepping Your AC Unit For Fall

If you live in the US, your air conditioner might not come into use for a few months until the summer. However, it is crucial to remember that leaving your air conditioner unattended for an extended period can degrade its efficacy.

If you are planning to shut the AC unit down, 

make sure to take the necessary measures as early as possible to keep the AC unit reliable and ready to use for the next summer. To avoid unnecessary costly repairs, you can always look forward to our professional technicians and schedule an AC contractor Naperville visit anytime.

With the commencement of the fall season, let’s get ready with the preparation of our AC unit. There is a bundle of ways through which you can do that. 

How to Prepare Your AC Unit For Fall?

  • Change the Air Filters: Usually, it is advised to clean the air filters at least twice a month. Also, replacing the air filters after each season (every three to four months) is preferable. By doing so, you can avoid any possible damage to your Air conditioner, and it will continue to run efficiently and smoothly. If you face any problem changing the air filters, you can contact and consult an AC service Aurora, IL.
  • Clean the Vents: A well-functioning air conditioner relies on good airflow, so maintaining your unit free of dirt and cleaning the vent should be a regular habit. Dirt, pollen, and other allergens can accumulate on the vent over time, building up a layer of dust on surfaces. It may create a problem next time. Dirt and dust accumulation can hinder airflow and can degrade the air quality as well. 
  • Cover the Outdoor Unit: Being US residents, we are familiar with the fall season and forthcoming snowfall in winter. In such weather, leaving the outdoor unit open can be harmful. Therefore, it is suggested to cover the outdoor unit, especially in the fall season. It will protect the unit from leaves and debris around. First, however, keep checking and cleaning the spaces around the unit. 

Scheduled Maintenance

There is a high possibility that your air conditioner may show signs of wear and tear after a long summer season. Also, there might be some faulty issues that you may be unaware of. It might harm the unit if you fail to look into it within a specific period. Therefore, schedule yearly maintenance check-ups and get all the repairs done before it worsens. 

Air conditioners are one of the most basic household conveniences that always need to be in perfect condition. However, once it breaks down, getting it back in proper working order becomes a matter of concern. To ensure that your HVAC works properly with the same efficacy, have us in your place with the best services. Consult an AC contractor for air conditioning repair Aurora, IL and get the necessary maintenance done as soon as possible.