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No matter how carefully you maintain your equipment, you’ll need to replace it at some point. This universal truth holds steady for the furnace in your home just as much as it does for the phone in your pocket. Whenever you are looking for a new furnace, you should know that there are several pitfalls that many homeowners have fallen into in the past. Understanding these clearly will help you avoid making the same mistakes as those who came before you! Read through this list before making your buying decision and getting the heating replacement Naperville done.

Mistake #1: Not purchasing the right equipment for your home

Many homeowners incorrectly assume that any furnace will work for them. This leads to higher bills, mold buildup, increased strain on the system, and other issues leading to more repairs and replacements. The last thing you want to do after installing a new system is repaired it immediately, right? Do your research and go into the buying decision confidently. You’ll thank yourself later!

Mistake #2: Not looking into the units SEER rating

A SEER rating (which stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio) will tell you just how efficient your new system will be once it’s in your home. A rating of 13 should be your baseline, but ideally, you should search for something that comes in at 16 or higher! This will mean drastically reduced bills for you once it is installed and running in your home.

Mistake #3: Going with the lowest price

Many homeowners are conditioned to take the lowest price they can find. Worse still, some take the first estimate they are given! Take your time and do a bit of research first. The lowest bidder is only sometimes the best bet. You want to look at the company’s that have a professional HVAC contractors in Naperville and Aurora. Find out all that you can so you can feel confident going into your choice!

Mistake #4: Not taking the environmental impact into account

Not all units are the same when it comes to environmental impact. Always look into the system you are purchasing, significantly as global environmental issues are escalating every year. It’s up to all of us to be a part of the solution, not the problem, in 2017 and beyond.

Mistake #5: Not using a professional installation company

This goes back to mistake #3; choosing the lowest bidder will often land you in a world of hurt. A properly outfitted, the professional installation team will be friendly, knowledgeable, and fully insured so that you can have some peace of mind going into your new installation.

If you’re looking for a furnace repair in Aurora, give us a shout today at Amazing Air, Inc. We’ve been keeping families comfortable since 1979 and pride ourselves on our world-class service and attention to detail. See you soon!



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