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Without AC maintenance service Aurora IL, your initial installation will amount to nothing.
Installation is, of course, the foundation of your system performance but without the proper aftercare, the installation can only take the equipment so far. Your AC is put through its paces at each and every use.

These cause wear and tear on the equipment that needs to be kept under control. Failing this, your equipment will break down, causing unwanted and costly repairs.

The Benefits Of Maintenance Is Priceless

There are many times where the regular AC maintenance service Aurora IL is put on hold. Life is crazy and yes, things do come up that you don’t expect. The impending maintenance gets shifted further down the to-do list until it becomes too late. The real benefits of regular maintenance are only understood when the equipment fails by neglecting to carry it out. Don’t fall victim to this discomfort. Maintenance is vital. Allow your investment to serve you the way it should.

Electrical Connections

Yes, your AC has electrical connections. We all know the hazards when dealing with electricity. Fire is a very real possibility and could put you, your family, and your home at risk. Any regular AC maintenance service in Aurora IL should include the inspection of electrical connections and the securing thereof when required.

Drainage Pipes

The drainage pipes are extremely important. This is what draws all the excess water from the system to the outside. If this drain pipe becomes clogged or broken, the water will begin to flow back through the vents in the unit and into your home. Excess moisture or ice around your unit will cause more serious issues in the long term.

Refrigerant Levels

The refrigerant is required in order to cool the air that enters your home. If the levels are low, the cooling will not be adequate.

Filter Changes

Air that enters from the outside is filled with allergens, pollutants, and debris. This needs to be filtered out before being passed to your home. Dirty filters will not effectively clean the air. This will affect the indoor air quality your family is subjected to. Poor indoor air quality can cause serious health issues if left in that state.

Visual Inspection

Any AC maintenance service in Aurora IL must include a visual inspection of the unit and ducting. Any cracks or defects that are visible need to be properly evaluated. Remedial action should be taken on minor issues that may cause problems in the future. For larger issues, you will be informed about the problems and an estimate will be provided.

Cleaning Your Unit

When it comes to your air management, the cleanliness of the equipment and ducting is one of the most important aspects. It is often forgotten. A system that is not regularly cleared of dust, allergens, and debris will be inefficient. Inefficiency leads to unwanted costs in utilities. Besides that, the health of your family is put at risk.
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