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Is Your AC Making Any of These 6 Sounds? This is What It Could Mean

The advancement of technology has led to the introduction of a new generation of air conditioners that are quieter than ever before. Usually, the noise levels range from anywhere between 25 decibels to 55 decibels. And therefore, when the noise levels exceed, or you hear any unusual noise from your air conditioner, it is obvious for you to be worried about it. In fact, if you have been ignoring any of them, lately, we suggest you read this blog post to understand what that noise from your AC repair Naperville means and how you can get that fixed.

  1. Whistling: If your HVAC system is producing a high-pitched whistling or screaming noise, we recommend that you switch it off and immediately call for professional help. Refrigerant leakage is one of the most common causes of such noise. The noise might also be an indication of a high internal pressure build-up in your HVAC compressor. This can not only damage your system but can also pose a serious threat to your family’s health.   
  2. Squealing: The most likely cause of a squealing or squeaking noise from your HVAC system could be a misaligned or worn-out fan belt. The belt that connects the fan with the motor tends to wear out with time. And though this is not a very serious issue and the noise may come and go with changes in temperature and humidity levels, you must get the belt replaced before it breaks down. 
  3. Banging or Clanking: Any kind of banging or clanking sound means there is a high chance of a broken or loose internal component. Usually, it’s the indoor blower or the fan coming loose off the mount and getting obstructed by the system’s protective cage. The problem will only cause more damage if ignored, and therefore, you must immediately call a professional to identify the source of the noise and get it fixed immediately. 
  4. Buzzing: Loosened parts, debris, and dust deposits are the most common causes of a buzzing or vibrating noise from an HVAC system. Often changing the air filter, cleaning the debris and dust inside, and a basic check-up by a professional can help you resolve the issue. A buzzing or vibrating noise can also originate because of a problem with the fan blades, motor, condenser coil, or even a minor refrigerant leak. A regular tune-up can help avoid such issues. 
  5. Clicking: A clicking sound when you turn on the system or switch it off is normal. But, if you hear a constant clicking noise while the system is running, it could be a sign of a problem within the electrical circuit or with the thermostat. This can be hazardous if ignored. Turn the system off and call for professional help.
  6. Whirring: Whirring noise from an HVAC system is a helicopter-like sound. It occurs because of a mechanical problem with the HVAC’s indoor blower of the outdoor unit. The problem, however, is not always a faulty part, but it could also be the result of debris stuck in the system. The best way to find out is to seek professional help. 

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