Based on the weather forecast, the entire Chicago is expected to experience the most humidity during summers. As usual, the extreme heat and humidity often trigger the homeowners of Naperville to crank up their AC servicing to find relief. We know that an overworked cooling system after months of uninterrupted use leads to an upsurge in electricity bills. Plus, an overworked air conditioner needs more pricey repairs than the ones with average usage. Both don’t bring good news.

This is why having alternative ways to cool down your home seems as practical as minimizing your AC usage and saving on your AC repair in Naperville.

Tips for Improving the Efficiency of Your Air Conditioner This Summer

While buying a new air conditioner, it is always suggested to invest in an excellent cooling system to get through the sweltering summer heat. Probably it is the only way to deal with the summer heat without getting sick. But a higher comfort level does not necessarily require higher utility bills. However, if there is a way to reduce your AC usage and substantially harness your electricity bill, will you give it a try?

Of course, you will! You may be surprised to know about some simple yet effective ways to reduce energy consumption at home. Read on to find out!

Lessen the Usage of Artificial Lighting

Limiting the usage of incandescent lights and replacing it with unlimited and free daylight can save electricity consumption by 10% to 15%. The excessive usage of artificial lights upsurges the electricity bill and raises the heat inside your house, making it difficult for your air conditioner to cool down your place.

Restrict the Use of Heating Appliances 

The usage of the oven in the kitchen also produces heat while in use. The same goes for other instruments like dishwashers, dryers, and washers. The amount of heat produced while using these devices pushes your air conditioner to work harder while cooling your house. You can’t ignore using all these essential appliances, but you can inevitably restrict some use and save on electricity consumption and heat production. Prefer air drying your clothes and dishes.

Use Fans 

Ceiling fans are the secret weapons to cool down your house and to circulate cold air coming out of your AC. This gives you a cooling effect even when your thermostat setting is raised about 4°F.

Ventilate Strategically

Placing exhaust fans in your bathrooms can remove the heat and humidity while bathing or taking a shower. You can also benefit by installing exhaust fans in your laundry room. The fan helps in removing the heat generated by the appliance.

Get the Best Heating and Cooling Service

Amazing Air Inc. which is one of the best AC Contractors in Naperville is always ready to deal with any challenges with your air conditioning system. We make your AC fully functional and bring it back to its utmost efficiency. Are you planning for a system tune-up of your air conditioning system, but haven’t scheduled an air conditioning service yet? Call us at 630-859-8800. We can help you by detecting any defect in your air conditioner, setting the ideal temperature for you, and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How Much Does it Cost to Have Your Air Conditioner Serviced?

Regular AC maintenance services cost $75 to $200, including a simple system tune-up and cleaning of your air conditioner. A thorough system tune-up and inspection may cost you $150 to $450 but it will comprehensively tune up the entire system. Some air conditioner service providers may charge you $100 to $250 per hour for an AC servicing job.

What Does an AC Service Include?

A simple AC service includes inspection and evaluation of your entire system, including the motor, drain lines, blower, coils, operating pressure, and temperature. The AC repair service providers will also check the refrigerant level and the air filters of the AC.

How Often Should I Service My Air Conditioner?

To keep your air conditioner fully functional and running all the year, annual maintenance is suggested by all significant AC brands. Apart from DIY and straightforward cleaning and maintenance of your air conditioner, professionally performed AC maintenance at least once a year helps your AC perform better.

Can We Use AC Without Servicing?

Many homeowners think that paying for an AC service is unnecessary and costly. You can use your air conditioner without servicing, but it may cause a sudden breakdown of your AC, followed by expensive repair needs. Routine servicing of your AC detects underlying problems and solves them before getting more prominent.

What is Done In an AC Maintenance?

An annual AC maintenance service includes a thorough system scan, evaluation, and inspection of all the components of your AC, cleaning of evaporator coils, fins, air filters, and other parts, and augment the efficiency of your air conditioner.

Can I Spray Water on My Air Conditioner?

Yes! You can spray water on your air conditioner to clean it. While cleaning the outdoor unit of your air conditioner, you may use your garden hose. Take care of the force to prevent the fins from getting damaged.

How Do I Service My Outside AC Unit?

Here are some simple and easy steps to clean your outdoor unit:

  • Turn the power of your AC Off
  • Clean the debris from the outdoor unit
  • Clear and straighten the fins
  • Cleaning the area around the unit
  • The cleaning of the evaporator coil
  • Clean the evaporator drain
  • Change the blower filter (if necessary)



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