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How I saved thousands on a geothermal furnace by waiting for spring

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When our furnace started showing the telltale signs around Christmas, my wife and I were nervous. “We’re going to have to get it replaced soon”, she told me one night. It wasn’t breaking down all the time, but it was just past the ten-year mark and it wasn’t as efficient as it used to be. We also noticed we’d been tempted on numerous occasions to raise the temperature on the thermostat after feeling too chilly in our living room. While I’d try to tough it out and blame the vaulted ceilings on the cool air, I knew we needed to make a plan and start thinking about replacement options. This is my story of letting my old furnace go until spring to create savings for my family with the help of Amazing Air Inc. and the springtime deals for furnace installation service in North Aurora, IL.

Making an unusual choice

As I dug into researching a new furnace installation, I found the costs for installing in the middle of winter were higher. It’s the time when most people get furnace repair in Naperville, IL, and replacements, so HVAC companies are paying employees overtime wages to keep up with the demands. With the economic downturn, manufacturers are slashing prices on furnaces, getting even more families in the swing of the winter replacement time. We knew we didn’t have the money for an expensive replacement. We also were interested in taking advantage of all the tax breaks on a geothermal heat system and getting a furnace with a 95% AFUE rating or higher. It was going to definitely cost more going this eco-route, but this fueled our desire to wait until spring.

We had more time to save money and we had our eyes on the prize because we knew we’d be getting an energy savings investment that would normally take years to break even on without this well-planned strategy.

How we did it

We had a few space heaters already and borrowed a couple more from family. To be safe, we used extension cords capable of handling them. I knew our walls were well insulated so I didn’t have to worry about pipes bursting. (I don’t recommend this approach if you’re not sure about your plumbing insulation!) I warned my wife we might have to spend a few nights at a cheap hotel if the temperatures got so low we needed to turn the water off. Luckily, we were okay and still were able to run our old furnace on a very low setting while using the space heaters for the majority of our warmth in the house.

We took some unconventional options to make it through the winter on our weak furnace but we planned ahead and made it happen. When it was time, I’d already spoken with Amazing Air Inc. about the furnace we wanted and they helped us get it at the best price. I can’t endorse Amazing Air Inc. enough for furnace installation service in North Aurora, IL. If you will need a replacement soon, I can’t recommend springtime enough, it will save you the extreme measures we had to take to get the springtime savings. Call us today at (630) 859-8800.