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How a Dirty Filter Affects Your Furnace?

With the advent of winter, the HVAC system should get more attention. As the winter gets quite chilled, after every next day in Naperville, you shouldn’t forget the maintenance your furnace requires. The airflow throughout your home and HVAC system can be harmed by a blocked furnace air filter. To eliminate these issues, we always suggest keeping up and investing in quality furnaces, scheduling time to time furnace maintenance, and furnace repair Naperville, IL

Within every 1 to 3 months, your furnace requires to be changed. Overlooking this issue can lead you to heavy expenses and in some situations, the furnace will no longer be workable. Let’s understand more about how a clogged air filter might harm you:

  • Reduced Energy: The situation is comparable to breathing with a kinked straw or hose. If the maintenance is not performed on a frequent basis, you may end up spending extra expenses than you’ve planned. Timely checks and maintenance save people from impacting their HVAC system negatively. 
  • Increased Exhaustion: A blocked filter can make your furnace’s job more complicated than it needs to be, which implies your furnace will consume more energy to heat your home than it needs to. When the filter is obstructed, the air conditioner needs to work harder to keep the house cool. To reduce the wear and tear on your HVAC system, a regular professional check always proves helpful.
  • Inadequate Heating or Cooling: The air is forced through the filter by blower fans. The blower needs to work harder to pass the air through a blocked filter if it becomes too clogged with dust, dander, and debris. Reduced ventilation might result in hot and cold patches in your home, making it difficult to achieve your preferred indoor temperature.
  • Unhealthy Air: All of the dust and particles that should be filtered out will be recirculated again into your house if your air filter is jammed. This can trigger allergies, and it’s especially risky for people who have asthma or other respiratory problems. 
    If you have pets or have a lot of chemicals around the house, a blocked filter will make the indoor air quality much worse.
  • Furnace Failure: Is it possible for a blocked air filter to cause a furnace to cease to function? Yes, and the internal damage to your central air conditioning and heating system may be the most expensive outcome of a poorly cleaned air filter.
    A professional will be able to tell you when something is concerning and when it is safe to continue for another year. Knowing that an HVAC specialist will evaluate your unit and provide you with reassurance will keep you and your family warm this winter.

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