boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL

Are you coping well with the icy conditions during the harsh winter months? It’s a relevant question, especially for those who live in or around Illinois where the temperature is hovering around the freezing point. According to the forecast of the National Weather Service, it will remain like this for some time. So, you better check out all the options to warm yourself up.

If you have an old boiler that has gone past its expected lifespan, you can think of replacing it now. An older unit gets less efficient over a period and consumes a lot of energy, which will be heavy on your pocket. Consult an HVAC contractor for boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL today to keep off the chilling winter.

The Heating Process of a Boiler System

The heating process of a boiler is different than that of a furnace. A boiler is actually a pressure vessel that uses hot water to heat up inside a home instead of heating air that gets distributed through the air. Simply put, boilers heat and circulate water all over your home through a network of pipes. The pipes get installed in the walls and floor of all the rooms. When water flows through the pipes, the heat that is generated goes into the rooms. The sources of energy that run a boiler are gas, oil, or coal. The generated energy is transmitted from one object to another and provides space heating.

boiler installation service in St. Charles IL

Common Boiler Problems during the winter

The freezing winter often triggers some problems in boilers. One such issue is developing fault in the circulator pump. Over a period, due to constant use, the pump gets less efficient when it comes to moving hot water from the tank through the pipes and to terminal points. If the pump breaks down, you need to repair or replace it.

Another issue you may find is with the expansion tank. It’s a small cylindrical tank attached to a pressure gauge. The tank maintains water pressure within the boiler and prevents the pressure from going up. Often the membrane in the tank breaks and causes a high water pressure. An HVAC expert can fix this issue.

The Advantage of a Boiler System compared to a Forced Heating System

Installing a boiler system has numerous benefits. Since water is a more effective medium for transferring heat than doing it through the air. It’s simply because water heats up faster, and remains warm longer than the air. The pipes that work for the boiler system also usually don’t develop leaks as often as ducts. This way of radiant heating is more energy-efficient.

In addition, a boiler will also improve the air quality inside your home. Forced air systems, on the other hand, dry out the air and circulate contaminants, which eventually cause illnesses such as cold and flu, especially during the winter.

If you wish to learn more about installing a boiler system to stay warm in this harsh winter, but unsure how to go about it, get boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL. Just call at 630-859-8800, and our HVAC contractor in Naperville.



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