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Spring is here, with longer days and more light in your life. Plants sprouting and new growth all around us. Make your home a bright and cheerful place to enjoy with your family using these five simple ideas. While we specialize in helping families with air conditioning maintenance in Batavia, IL this time of year, we thought you’d enjoy getting into the season with these tips.

  1. Make more time for family moments. It’s easy to get lost in the routines of springtime sports for the kids and all the appointments and errands we have in addition to the workday. Sometimes we get stuck in routines that are boring and we start to forget all there is to appreciate in the people we spend time with each day. Setting aside time for family activities is an investment in one another. When you make time to do something relaxing together, you can reconnect and embrace the moment. Try an after-dinner walk or a visit to the park. Find a weekend to go on a long drive or picnic.
  2. Brighten the home, starting with your entrance. You’ll send a welcoming signal when you step up the stairs to a bright doorway. Take the kids with you to the gardening store and pick out some spring flowers to plant along the path to your front door. You can fill flowerbeds or use large pots to create a lush and bright entrance. In addition to adding curb appeal, you’ll spend time teaching your kids to appreciate taking care of plants and the home.
  3. Surprise everyone with customized spring lemonade. This is such a fun idea! Start by making a pitcher of lemonade. Cut up different fruits for family members to add and create a customized cool-off beverage. While you’ve probably tried strawberry lemonade at a restaurant, you and the kids can make fun combinations with a mix of berries and seasonal fruits. Peaches, nectarines, cantaloupe, and blueberries are all fun additions to this classic beverage. You can also make a second pitcher of iced tea and do fruit teas or the classic Arnold Palmer (half lemonade, half iced tea). Make it extra special by placing the fruit in small bowls with spoons on a serving tray along with glasses of ice and the pitcher.
  4. Express appreciation. Find small, but honest compliments to share with your spouse and family members. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and starting the cycle will help boost everyone’s mood. Say I love you more and feel your own mood elevate in your increased appreciation of others.
  5. Get springtime air conditioning maintenance in Batavia, IL from Amazing Air Inc. We’d love to help you welcome in spring. Maintenance will allow your AC to perform at its best and save you money on energy bills. Everyone will be in a better mood with consistently cool temperatures in the home contact us for air conditioning repair in Naperville.

If you need some help making spring bright from Amazing Air Inc., give us a call now at 630-859-8800.