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Without a doubt, serious problems, or problems that require a qualified air conditioner repair service Batavia IL offers clients, need specific attention. But before you decide to contact a professional you could spend a little while checking out these very common, and easy-to-fix issues first.

AC Unit Turns On and Off

This is a common problem and sometimes there is a really simple answer. Before you panic, unplug the unit. Then, get another appliance and plug it into the socket. Leave it running and see if it cut’s out.

If it does, it is likely the socket is at fault and not your actual unit. If the other appliance runs fine then you will need to contact an air conditioner repair service in Batavia IL to try to explore other faults.

There Appears To Be Water Near The AC

Believe it or not, the most common cause of this problem is the fact the drain line is clogged or disconnected. The drain line is usually located near the outside unit. If the drain line has disconnected check it is not clogged up inside and is not broken, then simply connect it back on again.

If the drain is connected, disconnect it and check inside to see if it is clogged. If it is clogged and you can’t remove the debris, don’t try to force anything inside the tubing. Gently tap it and see if whatever has built up inside will fall out. If not you will need to contact a professional air conditioning repair in Naperville to advise you.

The AC Isn’t Making The House Cool Enough

There are two very common issues that can cause this and neither requires any specialist knowledge to resolve. You will need to go outside and take a look at your condenser unit. Is there any debris or plants close by? If the answer is yes, there is a good chance the airflow is being restricted because of this. You need to remove the debris and cut back plants to see if it resolves the issue.

The next common issue – is the condenser unit in direct sunlight? This reduces your unit’s ability to function correctly. To overcome this issue, simply create a shade around your unit in order to ensure that the sun is not making it too hot. If after trying both these suggestions and the problem is still not resolved consult an expert.

The Air Conditioning Will Not Work When Turned On

The first and most likely reason for this is because the thermostat is not set to AC or ‘cool’ because the battery has stopped working or the switch has been turned off accidentally. If this is not the problem you should take a look at your circuit breaker to see if a fuse has tripped. If neither of these issues is the cause then it’s best to get in touch with a professional.

Don’t take any chances with your AC system. If small problems are not dealt with they can grow into major and costly problems. Call at 630-859-8800 to get expert assistance or visit our Contact Us page today.