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6 Things To Check When Your AC is Not Working

A malfunctioning air conditioning system can cause considerable discomfort during the long summer days. No matter the kind of AC you may have, occasional operational issues can become common with age and heavy usage. Routine maintenance services should keep such mishaps at bay, but an air conditioning problem cannot always be foretold and prevented. 

Suppose you have an air conditioner with a record of frequently breaking down or lacking performance. In that case, there are a couple of inspections you may perform yourself before scheduling a professional AC repair in Naperville:

  • Installation: Installations may seem unlikely, but poor ones cause many problems in the AC, no matter how expensive your appliance may be. Installations can set the tone for your appliance’s operation throughout its years, and a slight miscalculation or unprofessional installation can create a stock of problems for your comfort. 
  • Thermostat Problems: Thermostats should be the first thing on your checklist if your air conditioning system has stopped working. If your AC has several energy-saving or performance-enhancing features, try turning them off at the thermostat and running it on normal mode. You may also consider changing your thermostat batteries if you’re using your air conditioning system after a long break. 
  • Electrical Issues: Air conditioners have an intricate network of wires and circuit boards, all working in tandem to keep them running throughout the day. These wires and boards also have safety features that secure the appliance from electrical mishaps such as fires, voltage overload, etc. However, with age, certain parts of your air conditioning system’s electrical components will go through wear and tear, making them susceptible to failing. 
    In case of an electrical issue within your air conditioning system, we suggest you get in touch with a professional and trusted AC contractor in Naperville for a safe and easy resolution of your problems.
  • Air Handler Issues: Frozen air handlers ironically send out warm air when you switch your air conditioner on. When the air handler’s evaporator coils are frozen, it will prevent air from coming into contact with the refrigerant and cooling down. Hence, the warm air. If you encounter such an air handler issue, try defrosting your appliance for about a day before using it again. You may also clean your air handler to ensure no debris is causing further hindrance in its operation. 
  • Failing Condenser: Condensers are a vital air conditioning component and are often overlooked by owners regarding their routine clean-up and maintenance. To ensure proper, uninterrupted functioning of your air conditioning system, you must keep your outdoor unit where the condenser is located free of leaves, clutter, and other debris. Such foreign particles can accumulate within the unit, making it difficult for condensers to get a good stream of air. 
  • Clogged Filters or Vents: Lastly, your AC vents and filters should also receive more frequent cleaning if you have been having more trouble switching your appliance on lately. The air filter cleans the air that your AC sends inside your household and determines the flow of air through it. Clogged filters or vents may lead to decreased or no air output. If your air conditioning use has increased lately, you must clean your filters more than once every 30 days. 

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