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6 Common AC Noises That Need Your Attention!

The latest energy-efficient air conditioners come with a sound-dampening technology that aims at keeping the noise levels below 50-55 decibels. And therefore, if you hear any unusual or loud sound from your air conditioning unit, you must pay immediate attention to it. Even if your air conditioner is a few years old, you should still not ignore any unusual noises coming from it. Let us try and understand some of the most common noises that ACs make and whether or not you should be worried about them:

    1. Bubbling (or Gurgling) Noises: The bubbling sound coming from a water fountain can be really soothing. What isn’t comforting about that sound is when it’s coming from your AC system. It can be caused due to a refrigerant leak – occurring either inside the air-conditioner or the coils. Besides causing inefficiency in cooling, it could be hazardous to you and your family (as it emits toxic chemical gases). If you suspect any leaks, call a technician at once and get it fixed.
    2. Internal Clicking Noises: When the air-conditioner is switched on or turned off, it makes a clicking noise. That’s natural. What isn’t natural is a persistent clicking noise. Reasons why a clicking noise is caused:
        • Electrical issue: It can be induced due to a loose connection in the wiring of your sockets.
        • The compressor: This could be caused due to problems associated with your compressor installed outside the house. 
        • An obstruction: This could also be because of some defect in your unit’s blower fan. You can detect the issue if the sound increases constantly.  
    3. Whistling Noises: When your AC starts making whistling noises, it can be alarming. There are limited reasons for such an issue; it is caused only when there is a leakage in your ductwork. The intensity of these sounds is quite high. Don’t sit with legs akimbo and hope the sound will disappear. It’s best NOT to avoid it.
    4. Rattling Noises: To ignore the rattling noise coming from your AC is a heck of a deal. So, why not get it fixed? This particular sort of noise is caused by worn fan blades (inside the unit) or loose screws/bolts. Such noises can affect your system badly and may degrade its functionality. These things aren’t DIY-friendly. Schedule an AC technician and air conditioning repair Naperville, IL visit.
    5. Persistent Buzzing Noise: The buzzing you hear coming from your AC likely isn’t your phone ringing. A persistent buzzing sound needs to be handled right away. One of the major reasons is a clogged (and dirty) air filter. Other possible reasons are:
          • Loose blades of the fan
          • The dirt inside the unit
          • Loose screws or bolts
          • An insecure fan motor
    6. Screaming Noise:  When you hear a screaming noise coming out of your AC, it’s because the system is crying out for help (literally)! Under those circumstances, turn off the AC and call a specialist. This sort of noise can damage your condenser and outdoor fan motor. So get it repaired at your soonest possible convenience. 

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