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When there’s a baby in the family we all can agree that the household should be as safe and comfortable as possible. The presence of a newborn changes everything, not only our daily routine but also the way we see and feel about life itself. We at Amazing Air Inc. understand this and value the families of our customers as our own.

By providing the best service with the highest standards, not only do we work hard to provide the satisfaction and safety you deserve, but we also strive on doing more and going beyond our mission. As you take on your role of a new parent, or if your family just got a new addition to an already big lovely home, we want to make your role a bit easier by solving a very common question: Is it safe to use Air Conditioning with a baby at home?

The answer is: Yes. However, here are some precautions we’d like to share with you today. That way you will make sure everything goes well for your baby and the rest of your family.

Room temperature

When summer arrives, whether you already have Air Conditioner or if you’d like to have an Air Conditioner installation service in Batavia, IL, you’ll most likely want to turn it up as soon as it’s working. As babies are more sensitive to temperature changes, and their skin is more prompt to suffer irritation or dehydration, we recommend having an area between 73 to 76 degrees. This will keep the room at a comfortable temperature without causing any negative effects.

Amazing Air Inc. Service


The baby should never be too close to the blast of cool air. In a small room, it’s better to have it wear one more layer (light thin layers of clothing are better) than you do without making it feel too warm.


If you were thinking of having your AC system checked by professionals for its yearly maintenance routine, now’s the time. Having regular checks more often will ensure that no derby or dust will come out of the unit and circulate around the house affecting its health. During the process, make sure the baby is properly protected and in a different room than the one the technicians working in.

Keep the baby moisturized and hydrated

It is a well-known fact AC units can dry up the air in the area, which is why it is important to keep the baby constantly hydrated and moisturized. This way, its skin, nostrils, and throat will remain healthy and won’t get irritated or sore.

Avoid sudden temperature changes

When moving to a different area where the temperature is significantly contrasted, turn the AC off and allow some time to pass. This will give the baby time to gradually adapt to a new temperature without causing complications. Never take it from a cold area to a warm area in a very short time, since sudden changes might make your baby get sick.

We at Amazing Air Inc. care for you and your family. Whether you need maintenance or an air conditioning repair in Naperville, we’re always happy to take care of your AC needs. We offer 24/7 service so don’t worry about the time, we’ll be there. Call us today at 630-859-8800 and we’ll take care of the rest.