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5 Signs Your Furnace Might Explode

A furnace is an important appliance; however, an explosion triggered by a furnace may sometimes happen unexpectedly. You can detect issues with the furnace by paying attention to a few warning signals. These signs may help you decide if furnace repairs are essential or if you should replace your furnace or boiler. For heating services in Naperville, contact Amazing Air Inc. for premium services.

Warning Signs That the Furnace May Explode

Change in Flame Color

If the burner flame in your furnace is yellow instead of blue, it might indicate carbon monoxide production. Carbon monoxide is harmful and lacks odor, taste, and visibility. Therefore, its particles may be present in the region surrounding the furnace.

Carbon monoxide is formed when fuel is burned in furnaces to generate heat. It may leak from an old furnace. However, a properly maintained furnace will release it through the appropriate pipes. If your detector goes off, you should contact a specialist for furnace repair in Aurora.

Leakage of the Fuel

When you turn on your furnace, it is common to emit the smell of fuel. Once the furnace reaches working temperature and is completely functional, the smell of fuel becomes less perceptible. Suppose you detect any peculiar odors that do not dissipate after the unit has been turned on for a few minutes. In that case, you should contact our furnace specialist to determine the cause.

The Indoor Temperature Rise

If the house’s temperature rises due to excessive heating, you should immediately turn off the appliance. After you have shut off your furnace, you should contact us for HVAC repair in Naperville, IL. Amazing Air Inc. provides HVAC services in Naperville.

As the furnace ages, its efficiency declines, and as a result, your heating costs will increase. It does not necessarily result in a heat rise, despite the increased fuel use. The heater is still operational but does not make the room more comfortable. These warning signs suggest your heating system is about to fail.

Moisture Buildup in The System

If some portions of your home have moist ceilings, walls, or windows, this could indicate insufficient circulation to ventilate your property appropriately. There may be an issue with the vents or the furnace if the air in your home is wet or stagnant.

Constant Tweaking in the Thermostat

Continuously adjusting the thermostat to set a comfortable temperature signifies something wrong with the furnace. In that case, you should have a specialist evaluate the furnace and the thermostat. It is possible that the thermostat is malfunctioning or the furnace cannot keep up with the demands of heating your home at the current temperature.


If you observe any of these problems with your furnace, it would be inadvisable to overlook them. Immediately contact HVAC contractor in Aurora, IL  at Amazing Air Inc. We can assist you with issues related to your furnace or any HVAC system.