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5 Common Furnace Installation Mistakes and How They Cost You

furnace installation service Lombard IL

HVAC installation does cost money– a significant deal of cash at that. Thus, as much as possible, we don’t want to leave any room for mistakes. Unfortunately, however, things can happen, and mistakes are sometimes inevitable. The following are some of the HVAC installation mistakes that usually occur. You might want to check them out and ensure you won’t encounter the same trouble.

Choosing the wrong size furnace

If you rely on your hired air conditioning or furnace replacement Naperville, ILmake sure they’re making the correct calculations to set things correctly. Don’t readily believe that bigger is always better. If your unit is oversized, it could lead to more problems like frequent breakdowns, shorter longevity, more energy costs, poor indoor quality, humidity issues, noisy tendencies, etc. If the installer recommends the exact size you previously had, you also have to be wary, especially if your previous unit experienced lots of troubles. It’s best to get newer units as newer models are designed to be more efficient.

Poor air distribution design

Your furnace does only half of the job. It’s the duct system that does the rest. Thus, the duct system must be effectively designed for the equipment and space. For instance, the duct size has to match the unit’s output capacity. Unfortunately, some contractors take shortcuts by merely utilizing the old duct system as they do the new installation. As much as possible, the ductwork has to be replaced to ensure that there’s no leak and maximum efficiency is achieved.

Faulty duct installation technique

Some contractors do go the extra mile in using new ductwork. However, some use inadequate or cheap materials and go on with poor or hasty quality. If the ducts are incorrectly assembled, they could leave gaps and cracks. Ensure that your furnace replacement Aurora, IL, uses permanent sealers to avoid leaky ducts. If this is overlooked, your energy bills will increase, and you will experience excess dust, irregular noises, humidity issues, and drafts.

Poorly designed drain systems

Furnaces create a great deal of wastewater, which has to be safely drained away from the unit. If not done correctly, the building can suffer damage due to water leaks. In addition, during the cold season, the water backing up the pipes can freeze and disrupt the functioning of your furnace. Accumulated water can also lead to air quality issues as well as mold.

Incorrect exhaust

Your heating system can generate toxic gases, such as carbon monoxide, which must be vented out of your building. In addition, fumes can accumulate in the air if the damper or exhaust flue is incorrectly sized. This leads to carbon monoxide excess that can lead to health problems and other issues. Ensure that you install carbon monoxide detectors to save you during these cases.

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