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4 Reasons For Switching To A Combi Boiler

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Owning a boiler is one of life’s greatest blessings during winter. There’s nothing better than having a hot shower in one of those cold gray days. It makes any Monday look more appealing and any Friday even better if that’s possible. This doesn’t mean that they become worthless once the icy giant is out of our lives for another 10 months. However, the arrival of warmer days might make it easier for you to check if it’s time to find a new companion that can make your life easier. Traditional boilers can take lots of space, and as time goes by, it starts to become clearer that they will eventually become obsolete. Now that temperatures are more friendly, and hot water slowly starts to become an option rather than a priority, you might like to consider replacing it or simply switching to a combi boiler. We at Amazing Air Inc. want to tell you why.

They’re more efficient

Not only would the Boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL be much easier and faster due to the size of a combi boiler. It will also leave a new nice big space in your house that you probably hadn’t considered. Traditional systems, heat up their tank twice a day, meaning that if the water in the tank is not used, a lot of energy will be wasted heating it up again. Modern boilers are regulated by the U.S government and have standardized efficiency rates of 90%. This means that your old tank boiler might not only be performing at much less than that, but it can also be consuming more gas and increase the size of your carbon footprint. Nowadays, you can save a fortune while reducing preventing large amounts of CO2 from reaching the atmosphere!

Amazing Air Inc. Service

More space!

Combi boilers are significantly smaller than their predecessors. You won’t need an airing cupboard, unlike with a traditional unit. And, you will have more free space since these modern units don’t require 2 water tanks. It probably won’t be enough for you to finally build that mini-bar you always wanted, but it will definitely make the difference next time you’re wondering where to put your Christmas decorations.

Always. Hot. Water.

No matter how many times during winter you want to shower, and no matter how many kids are around the house needing showers after playing outside. You will always have hot water at your service. Even if you’re thinking of expanding your house or doing a renovation, switching to a combi boiler might be one of the things you’d like to consider now that you have the time. It’s especially suited for big families that need hot water many times a day, or in 2 or more places at the same time.

It might just be too old

This can not only become a real hazard in regards to safety at home. Having an old boiler means mean that you might not have the chance to replace some of its parts or even repair it when it breaks down. In the end, it might be not worth it to keep the old one running. Not to mention that your bills and boiler expenses might increase within time.

We at Amazing Air Inc. want to make sure you and your family are as comfortable as possible at home. Winter or Summer, our services are available to you 24/7! If you need maintenance, replacement or a HVAC contractor in Naperville, give us a call at (630) 859-8800!