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3 Ways To Prevent Major AC Repairs

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“Holy cow you mean there’s a way to make my AC run forever and ever and not have to call you guys?”

We wish that were the case, but unfortunately, it’s what keeps us in business. The good news though is that there’s plenty you can do in order to keep the problems to a minimum.

Your air conditioner is built to withstand a slew of major problems, and every year the market turns out units that get even tougher and more efficient. However, not even the best of units can run forever and avoid needing at least some minor adjustments from time to time.

But if you start having these three things we’re about to discuss done when some consistency, then your pocketbook can avoid some major hits in the near future when you need air conditioning repair in Wheaton, IL.

Have A Technician Perform A Yearly Inspection

Right now you may be thinking, “There’s nothing wrong with my unit. Why do I need to pay for a tune-up every year?”

The simple answer is that paying for this service once a year can help even out the potential cost of an expensive repair that hits you hard a few years later with no inspections.

Although the perception may be that we just look at your unit for a minute, and then foot you a bill telling you that nothing is wrong….there’s actually a series of checks and tests that we run to ensure your unit is working as well as it did when it was new.

An inspection often helps you prevent major problems from occurring as we will tighten bolts and connections, and recommend small parts to replace.

Do Whatever Maintenance You Can

This will include keeping the ducts clear of any furniture or plants or whatever, as well as of course changing your air filters on a regular.

We recommend that you change the filters every month no matter how dirty they don’t get, and at the most wait three months before replacing them (if you decide not to do this monthly.)

We recommend letting a professional like ourselves get into the tighter and more hard-to-reach spots to clear debris and whatever else from your system. However if there’s something you can clear that is easily within reach, then by all means grab a rag and clean it up.

Lots of AC problems will come about due to the buildup of particles into your system that then impairs its ability to perform normally. Take a few moments, and spend a little money to clear it up!

Repair The Little Problems Before They Become Big Ones

If we recommend that you have us replace a few small parts or do other routine work, then please understand that we’re not doing this just to have more billable items on the receipt.

We truly want to prevent you from having to buy a whole new system and hire someone like us to have it installed for you. Hopefully, your system is a long way away from that day, but it happens.

If you’d like us to check and see if you need any air conditioning repair in Naperville then please give us a call at (630) 859-8800.