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3 Tips That Will Drive down Your Bills

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The colder weather brings with it added stress for many when their fuel bills arrive. When your bills seem high, it’s hard to know where to turn, lots of people put the expense down to the area, even if they don’t use their heating system that often and don’t find it to be particularly effective. The good news is that one of the easiest ways to drive down your fuel costs is to actually buy a new furnace, this might sound counterintuitive but here at Amazing Air we’ve been doing furnace installation in Lombard, IL for decades and have the results to back that our customers really do save substantially every year with a modern furnace.

To help you see why a new furnace might be in your interest, we’ve put together our top 3 tips that should help you lower your fuel bills for good.

Energy-Efficient Furnaces

While many people think of furnaces as outdated large bits of equipment that are loud and costly to repair, modern furnaces have really come a long way both in design and build. Say goodbye to the bulky units of the past and get a sleeker, more efficient furnace. All heating systems must now meet the spec supplied by the Department of Energy, any new models fitted must have 5-star energy and any company found to be installing outdated units can be penalized and may even use their license. With less energy being used to power the heat in your home, you’ll be cozy in no time and also be doing your bit for the environment when your fuel usage drops.

Lower Maintenance Costs and Safety

New furnaces are far easier to maintain and repair, not only are parts cheaper and easier to source but with lower running costs, you’ll be able to afford to keep your furnace in a tip-top condition which will improve its lifespan and function. The most important thing to know about getting a furnace installation in Lombard, IL is that you really do need a company with reputable technicians as the costs of a faulty installation can be steep. At Amazing Air all our technicians are experts in their field and are on hand to advise and offer you a quick and reliable service so you never have to go without heat or put your family and home at risk using unsafe products, another plus is that many electric furnaces are available and those that do run on gas are much safer than older models that pose the threat of gas leaks and fire hazards with increasing age.

furnace installation in Lombard IL

Get In Control and Save

People often wonder how much they can save when we offer them a furnace installation. On average just the installation of a new system with correct parts and insulation can save homeowners $30-60 per month. This figure does not include if you make use of the controllable thermostat that is part of your newer furnace, by lowering this by even a few degrees can help you save even more. We want everyone to feel at home and be comfortable; contact Amazing Air Inc. is one of the best furnace repair in Naperville, IL. Call Now: (630) 859-8800 to find out more.