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With summer around the corner and global warming creeping upon us, our classrooms begin to heat up longer than they used to, until October! The call for Air Conditioning in all classrooms is essential to our children’s learning.

This will create an environment where they can concentrate to their full potential, and we should all be helping to eliminate all attempts of distractions in a positive learning environment for our next generation.

Unfortunately, with school funding unable to afford air conditioning units and electrical upgrades, it’s a complicated matter. We at Amazing Air Inc are here to explore why Air Conditioning at school is important.


Usually, the most common answer as to why your child’s school doesn’t have air conditioners is the cost. Most schools simply do not have the money to replace, fix or even hire an AC installation service in Villa Park, IL.

Some schools have simply never had an existing air conditioner in place and don’t have the funds to be able to buy one for their students. With some schools deciding between air conditioners and textbooks, it’s easy to see why they choose textbooks.

We need to place more pressure on our local governments so they can see why it’s essential for our education systems to consider installing air conditioners/heating units.

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Are you able to concentrate when you’re sweating? The answer is probably no, and that’s how our students and teachers feel. If you’re exposed to extremely cold temperatures, you cannot focus on learning because you are telling your body that it’s cold.

You urge your body subconsciously to take action to warm itself up, which leads to interrupted learning. On the contrary, trying to cool the body down to avoid heat exhaustion consumes a lot of energy.

Consuming bodily resources which could be used for learning ultimately affects brain function and impacts decision-making in learning.


Has your child ever come home from school complaining of a headache? This could be because they have heat exhaustion. If your child is in an environment with temperatures in the 90s for a long period, such as the time duration of a school day, it can put your child at risk for heat-related illness.

Typical signs of heat exhaustion include nausea, vomiting, confusion, and difficulty thinking. With research proving that test scores are falling in warmer environments, we must begin to look into ways to resolve this issue in our country.

So, what can you do? First, we must raise awareness of this issue with our school districts and speak to other parents about it who could help.

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