If you’re thinking about furnace replacement in Aurora, IL, or buying a new furnace, you might be debating whether you should spend a little extra money on a two-stage furnace or whether you’ll be okay with a single-stage furnace.

What Are The "Stages" In A Furnace?

The various heating settings of a gas furnace are referred to as “stages.” Single-stand and two-stage furnaces are two of the most prevalent furnaces on the market.

Top 3 Distinctions Between Single-Stage and Two-Stage Furnaces

They are frequently used in conjunction with air conditioning systems in residences to provide heating and cooling, but their methods differ in a few important ways.

• Air Filtering

Two-stage furnaces draw more air through the ductwork because they operate for long periods. As a result, the filter also lets in more air resulting in higher interior air quality.

The air filter may need to be cleaned or changed more frequently than with a single-stage furnace, which could be a drawback and require frequent HVAC repairs in Naperville, IL.

• Noise

When the single-stage furnace blower motor operates at full power, it is audibly louder than when the two-stage furnace operates at a slower speed.

The two-stage unit’s low setting is quieter yet runs for a long period. They are not intrusively loud unless you are too close to a furnace fan.

• Moisture Control

Since they operate more frequently at the lower setting, two-stage furnaces offer more even and stable temperatures and humidity levels.

The single-stage device tends to dry the air more quickly because it operates at full blast every time it is turned on.

Which Alternative Suits My Climate the Best?

Choose a two-stage furnace if you want longer heating cycles with more constant temperatures and marginally cheaper heating costs. A single-stage unit is a way to go if you prefer a lower upfront cost, simpler heating management, and only a minor increase in energy expenses.

To Summarize;

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