furnace maintenance in North Aurora IL

Those oh-so-low winter temperatures are headed our way, and that means it’s time to make sure your furnace is in pristine condition! As you probably already know, your furnace is the key component to having a warm, comfortable home that’ll keep the snow and cold breezes from making winter such a dreadful time of the year. They do require a bit of care and maintenance as these are complicated pieces of machinery that you can’t really set and forget. As Amazing Air has been providing furnace maintenance in North Aurora IL for quite a long time now, we want to share with you some of the tasks you can take to avoid a costly repair bill in the not-so-distant future.

Change the Filters Regularly and Stock up on Extras to Ensure It’ll Work All Winter

Filters to use in your furnace are expensive, often come in packs of 3 or more, and can be found at big-box retailers like Lowes, Home Depot, and even Amazon amongst others. Not regularly checking your filters can cause damage to some of the components of the furnace, and that’s why many sources recommend checking it every thirty days to every 3 months at the absolute most. All it takes is a quick look to see if it needs changing. If you neglect this job, your air filters will start to clog, which will overheat the system and cause your utility bills to also increase too. This is often the beginning of several other problems.

Your Furnace May Have Be Having Problems Only a Professional Can See

Many companies like ours offer maintenance packages were a few times a year we’ll come and inspect your furnace for problems that can’t be solved by replacing the filter. Furnaces are notorious for making funny noises, as you’ve probably seen in “A Christmas Story,” and a professional can use this and other factors to determine what needs to be tweaked. A regular maintenance inspection will have one of us clean your furnace, help change the filter if you haven’t already, find and fix any leaks, and basically make sure all the moving parts and pieces are working correctly. We can also check to make sure that your air vents are distributing airflow efficiently as some pieces of furniture may be blocking some vents in ways you’re not aware of.

furnace maintenance in North Aurora IL

Some Examples of Problems That Amazing Air Can Prevent

Thankfully many problems that occur can be easily fixed, but some could have been lingering for quite a while and caused distress to the entire system. The cost can often run up to $800 for a repair cost, and any low rumbling sounds, rattling noises, or high-pitched squealing is a sign that one of us needs to come and inspect your furnace. Amazing Air’s technicians can provide furnace replacement in Naperville, IL that’ll rid your home of dusty dry air, fix your inconsistent heating, and prevent your utility costs from going up. Hopefully, your system is okay though, and you can call us at 630-859-8800 if you’re worried about your furnace. Thanks for reading and please call Amazing air soon if you have any concerns about your heating needs.



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