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Know Your Air Conditioner’s Cooling Performance

As a homeowner, you’ll use your air conditioner throughout the summer. You’ll use the air conditioner to keep your home’s interior cool, but you must also know how efficient it is.

If your AC is inefficient, you will waste money on unneeded air conditioning repair in Naperville, FL, while receiving higher electricity costs. It’s recommended to inspect your air conditioner regularly and learn how to do easy air conditioner tests to ensure it is working properly.

Inspecting an AC Unit

To test your central air conditioning system, turn it on, place a thermometer on the supply register for five minutes, and then compare the temperature to the temperature from the return vent.

Step 1: Start the Air Conditioner

Try turning it on when outside temperatures are high to gauge your air conditioner’s effectiveness. The first stage of an air conditioner test is letting the unit run for at least 15 minutes on a day that is 80 degrees or hotter. It’s recommended to test the efficiency before the heat arrives because if you don’t test your AC’s efficiency in the proper setting, you won’t be able to make a final determination. We also provide services like heating repair in Naperville, IL.

Step 2: Attach a Thermometer To The Power Supply Register

As its name suggests, the supply register’s purpose is to supply cool air throughout the house. To measure the efficiency of your air conditioner, place a thermometer on the supply register closest to your cooling equipment. You eliminate the factor of distance traveled when determining if your AC is operating at its most effective level by placing it on the nearest register.

Step 3: Hold the Thermometer In Position For Five Minutes Or More

A monitored thermometer remains constant. Before making any changes to the thermometer, wait at least five minutes. You should allow your air conditioner time to warm up before testing its effectiveness, but it’s also useful to know how quickly it can start functioning. Contact us now to get the best AC installation in Aurora, IL.

Step 4: Check the Return Vent's Temperature Again

Normally, a return vent is bigger in size and transports air from within your house to your HVAC system. Hold a piece of paper in front of the vent to show where the return vent is located. If the paper is dragged toward the vent, you’re in the right place. The thermometer should remain in this location for at least five minutes.

How Can I Tell If My Air Conditioner Is Operating Efficiently?

If it is functioning properly, the air leaving your air conditioner should be at least 15 degrees colder than the air entering your home. If the air conditioner is not keeping your house cool enough, you probably have a leak, or the air conditioner could use a new HVAC filter. You’ll need to examine inside the unit to figure out what’s wrong, and depending on the issue, you may require an HVAC repair in Naperville, IL.

Finding Reliable AC Services In Aurora, IL

Your air conditioner’s efficiency could bring on fluctuating temperatures in your home. As you finish your air conditioner test, remember that the Amazing Air Inc. specialists are standing by to assist you with any issues. Call our air conditioning team at (630) 859-8800 if you require routine maintenance, a tune-up, a replacement, or an air conditioning repair in Naperville.

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