Furnace Maintenance in Aurora, IL

Furnace Maintenance in Aurora, IL and Surrounding Areas

Furnaces are essential in many homes because they provide warmth during cold seasons so that you can be comfortable no matter what’s going on outside. Despite their importance, the furnaces are often taken for granted until it stops working and needs replacement, which is expensive. However, regular furnace maintenance increases the lifespan and efficiency of a furnace.

Furnace Maintenance

The furnace needs regular drainage several times throughout the year. This ensures its longevity since draining flushes out debris, minerals, and other sediments that may cause cold water bursts and furnace malfunction. The more the furnace is used, the more maintenance it requires. Note that before draining, it is important to determine if the furnace is electric or gas. This is because gas furnaces require thorough cleaning of their ports and burners. DIY maintenance requires the reference of an instruction guidance.

Furnace Unit Tips

Examine the anode rod at least once every three years. It should be replaced if its core steel wire is exposed, its thickness is less than half an inch, or it is completely coated with calcium. Make sure to properly insulate the unit with fiberglass to improve efficiency. If the unit is old, one should avoid contact with its flue. Additionally, it is wise to insulate the pipes.

Top HVAC Contractor

Amazing Air, Inc. is a top HVAC contractor that is located in Aurora, IL. It is a professional company that installs, inspects, repairs, and maintains HVAC systems. It is the best option for all furnace maintenance requirements in Fox Valley (Kane and Dupage County areas). In addition, all technicians at the company are NATE certified.

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