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Discussing Four Most Common Furnace Problems

As the winter and cool fall season arrive, people begin wrapping up their cooling systems and taking out their furnaces to set up the heating system. Furnaces can help in maintaining a cosy temperature indoors during the chilly winters. 

However, after being inactive for a long time, these machines often malfunction, leading to hundreds of calls requesting to fix the problems. Furnaces are quite tough and last long; however, problems shall arise some time or the other. Thus, knowing about the common furnace problems will help you to adopt proactive measures.

Not Producing Sufficient Heat

This is a problem since the literal job is to produce heat and keep the temperature comfortable around it. Thus if such a problem arises, it must raise the alarm. However, the good news is that the issue might not be serious or irreparable. 

There might be several reasons behind this malfunction. Your thermostat may be set on “fan” mode, where the air blows in, but warming is not done. Also, the thermostat may be set at a low temperature. Thus, first, check the thermostat to ensure that its proper settings are turned on. Another major issue faced by many is the clogging of the air filters by dirt and dust. Ideally, air filters must be replaced after a couple of months to avoid such instances. If none of these solves your problem, it is best to call for furnace repair in Naperville, IL

Noise Coming Out of a Furnace

Usually, furnaces make some noises, like the whooshing sound during the flow of air, clicking sound due to thermostat, etc. However, some sounds are unnatural and demand immediate inspection. 

For example, unusual rattling or clicking sounds from the furnace might suggest that some parts are loose inside. A wide range of mechanical problems can cause noises from your furnace. The exact reason can be found out by a professional technician, who has experience handling similar issues.

Not Turning On Automatically

Considering everything normal, once the furnace gets a signal from the thermostat, it must begin working automatically. In case that doesn’t happen, you might have to look into the matter. If your circuit breaker is turned off, the furnace cannot be turned on. Clogged air filters, faulty pilot light or no fuel, might be some other reasons causing this problem. 

Keep Turning On and Off

If your furnace keeps switching on and off before attaining the set temperature, there might be a serious issue. One common cause of such short cycles is inhibition of proper airflow inside, leading to overheating of the furnace. The safety switches become active and switch off the system for safety. There can be many reasons responsible here. 

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