According to, Illinois ranks worst in the highest natural gas consumption per consumer. Winters in St. Charles can get rough. These five tips will help you make sure your home HVAC system is running at its best to keep those costs down. At Amazing Air, we specialize in HVAC system boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL, and can help you add a boiler to your unit for pleasant, comfortable home heating this winter.

boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL

Replace Filters Regularly

Do the buy ahead technique so you always have filters on hand for the next replacement. Doing this will help you avoid procrastinating too long to change filters. Neglecting to change your filters on time can lead to dust and allergens getting trapped in the coils of your HVAC system, making it more costly to operate and less efficient and also spreading allergens around your home.

Get Seasonal Maintenance Checks

To keep your HVAC system running smoothly for its life span of 16-20 years, have one of our technicians do a maintenance service on your system, or even consider getting an energy audit. Contaminants in your HVAC system will cause it to work harder and give less of the heating and cooling you rely on for a cozy home.

Clean Your Outdoor System

Cut back any plants and shrubs about four inches away from your outdoor heating and cooling units. In the winter, put a cover over your outdoor air conditioning unit. Check for any leaves and yard debris you can dust off yourself. If you feel comfortable, lubricate the fan on your unit. If you notice anything caught inside the unit, it’s best to call us for help.

 Do Simple Monitoring Checkups Yourself

Listen for unusual hums and buzzes indicating your system isn’t operating like usual. You don’t need to monitor 24/7, but noticing these changes can help save money by fixing problems early. Smells are another concern. If you notice an unusual smell, it could be bacteria or mold in your ductwork that could make your family more prone to illness and even be potentially hazardous. Also, if your energy bills suddenly rise in price, it could be a sign something’s off with your HVAC system. Instead of letting the problem get worse, and risking shortening the lifespan of your unit, an inspection could help restore your HVAC back to efficient performance again.


boiler installation service in St. Charles, IL

Don’t Go Outside Your Comfort Zone

As you check your home HVAC and change your filters, you’re helping save your family money. A thrifty homeowner may be tempted to do some of the work themselves, but HVAC involves some fragile components and hazardous materials, and it’s important to get the job done effectively and safely. It’s not worth saving a few bucks if it puts safety at risk or means the job isn’t done right.

We at Amazing Air, serving families for 37 years and counting. We offer HVAC repair in Naperville, IL along with all electric and gas heaters for the home. Call us today at 630-859-8800 and make an appointment. Whether it’s a new boiler or gas furnace system, we will help you decide the best option for your needs and budget.



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