AC Tune-Up in Auroa, IL

AC Tune-Up in Auroa, IL and Surrounding Areas

HVAC Company in Aurora, IL and the Surrounding AreasAir conditioners are high-performance systems that are designed to work for long hours with little maintenance. With time, however, their efficiency and performance often reduces. They might also break down for one reason or another. To prevent this from happening, AC tune-up must be done just before the onset of summer, or during the hot summer season. The tune-up may be done to achieve a number of objectives including improving efficiency and preventing system breakdown. When in need of air conditioner tune-up services, you can always count on Amazing Air Inc. for effective services.

AC Tune-Up Service Explained

This is the process of opening up the air conditioner and working on every single component. The process starts with a thorough inspection of each component. For instance, our technicians will start by listening to the sound the AC makes when running. Any unusual sound will be noted. Next, the thermostat will be adjusted up and down to check if the machine responds to the temperature settings. If not, thermostat repair or replacement may be done later on. The next step is to turn off the AC and open up both the air handler and condenser. Cleaning is then done to remove dust from evaporator and condenser coils, fan, and blower blades among other parts. After cleaning, the air filter is replaced and electrical components checked to ensure everything is in order. The level of the refrigerant in the compressor is also checked. If it’s low, a recharge must be done. After the inspection, cleaning, and replacement of worn out parts, the AC is reassembled and turned back on.

NATE Certified Technicians

At Amazing Air Inc, we have NATE certified technicians who know what to look for when performing an AC tune-up. They are effective and professional, so you can expect the best outcome possible. For instance, your AC will operate much more quietly, consume less power, and cool your room faster as well as more comfortably. It will also experience fewer breakdowns as a result.

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