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5 Indications That Your Air Conditioner is Becoming Ineffective

Most air conditioners are durable and built to last decades, if not years. With an average lifespan of about 12-15 years, any air conditioning system should exhibit appropriate efficiency and performance with routine maintenance and upkeep as it ages. However, as it crosses the 10-year mark, you may notice frequent air conditioning troubles, loud operations, and considerably higher bills. These signs indicate an aging HVAC system that must be replaced or given appropriate air conditioning repair in Naperville soon.  

If you suspect or notice your air conditioning system is underdelivering on its performance and efficiency, 5 signs further confirm your apprehensions about a failing AC:

  • Age: With age, every other appliance and its operating parts go through wear and tear, leading to a gradual decline in performance. Routine maintenance services help keep such deterioration in check. Still, such preventive measures can only do so much for your air conditioning system up to a certain point in time.
    Sometimes, HVAC professionals may suggest replacing certain parts to improve your appliance’s efficacy. However, replacing the core components can be expensive, and owners may benefit from a complete AC replacement service instead. 
  • Warm Air Blowing Through Egisters: Air conditioners blowing warm air instead of cold air even after a few minutes of being switched on can have a couple of reasons. A refrigerant leak, thermostat issues, blower motor issues, etc., can cause warm air to blow from your AC vents. However, if everything else checks out and your appliance has also been in use for over 12-15 years, the problem may not be as easy to resolve.
    Insufficient cooling is a sign of a failing AC, for which you must get in touch with your HVAC contractor in Naperville for a thorough evaluation and quite possibly an AC replacement.
  • Loud, Unknown, and Erratic Noise: Air conditioners and other HVACs are expected to make a certain degree of humming during their operation. However, any other unfamiliar noise, such as a banging, clunking, or vibrating, can indicate an issue within your air conditioning system. Sometimes these noises become apparent due to improper installations or certain bolts becoming loose. However, if your appliance has been in use for over a decade and its operation has only gotten louder over time, it may be a sign of a failing air conditioning system. 
  • Noticeable Difference in Energy Bills: Energy efficiency is one of the most important aspects of any HVAC system. Owners spend thousands more to get a product that has a higher energy efficiency rating as they promise less energy consumption over time. Nevertheless, you may notice a steady rise in energy consumption as your appliance nears expiration. Air conditioners that have been in use for more than ten years often require extra care and services to function efficiently. 
  • Presence of a Pungent Odor: An unpleasant smell can mean a lot of things depending upon its characteristics. A musty or sock-like smell usually indicates a clogged filter. However, if your filters receive adequate upkeep, the problem may also lie with the blower or the air handler. On the other hand, a rotten egg or metallic smell becoming increasingly apparent can also mean a gas or refrigerant leak, something old appliances become susceptible to as they become older. 

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