air conditioner installation service in Batavia, IL

Does it look like your air conditioner is about to kick the bucket? Who knows why your unit may be acting up, but you shouldn’t blame yourself, as this happens to even the best brands of air conditioners over time. Some stop is running as efficiently as they used to, others will struggle to keep the entire home cool, and then some stop out of the blue one day.

The good news is that, although hiring an air conditioner installation service in Batavia, IL, can cost higher than other services, there is a surprising number of benefits that you can get after doing this.

Your bills will go down, the new unit will use less energy, and there will be a much lesser chance of breaking down as newer units get better all the time. However, when customers ask what the common signs of a busted AC are, this is what we tell them….

It’s More Than 10 to 15 Years Old

When your air conditioner gets this old, it breaks down more and requires more expensive repair services and parts. By now, it’s gone through several grueling summers and winters, and the stress it’s undergone to keep your home comfortable has caught up with it.

We’ll often see problems with the electrical connections, compressors, motors, and coils, amongst other parts, that help the system dispel hot air and create cool air that’ll spread across your home.

The labor and parts can add up after a severe breakdown or several smaller ones, and we recommend that you compare the costs of these repairs versus replacing your new unit when you’re ready to do so.

Signs for new AC

Your Home Has Become Very Uncomfortable

A broken or faulty air conditioner also means your home will get dirtier and dustier. Anyone in your home who suffers from asthma or allergies could aggravate their condition. Regular maintenance is one of the keys to preventing this situation, but as we said before, sometimes, the AC unit can’t handle the job anymore. 

Dust, lint, dirt, and other substances can accumulate in the filters and ductwork, thus creating a stuffy atmosphere to breathe in. Headaches and dizziness could become more frequent if this happens, not to mention just being hotter and bothered without cool air.

The Efficiency Has Gone Way Down

So besides having trouble sleeping or relaxing on your couch after a hard day’s work, you may have received energy bills that are noticeably higher in price. The chances are that all the buildup of debris we mentioned before makes your air conditioning unit run harder than it has to produce the same amount of cool air if it’s producing any. 

The more energy your AC needs, the less efficient it will be, and the higher your bills will get. So if you’re concerned about your unit and would like us to see about doing an air conditioning repair Naperville then please call Amazing Air Inc. at 630-859-8800.



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